Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Many Developments, Many delays on posting


So I'll start with talking about NVR again then move onto the more fun stuff.
Anyways the loan processors have been great, super personable, and understanding. The loan officer though….I'm gonna guess he is stretched too thin and that maybe he is not the most personable character in the world. We ended up locking our rate at a "buy down" to 4.125% which hey I'll take it considering in July it has gotten up to 4.5% However I received no guidance whatsoever on that front and did mostly my own research and some days it seemed like pulling teeth to get the daily rates from him.

For suture reference of all of you home buyers out there though watch those mortgage rates and read up on your own OR demand your loan officer give you trending reports, I found out from a friend also building with NVR in another development that his loan officer was providing him with Trending reports (which she offered up to him without him prompting). So thankfully in our case other than closing we are done with dealing with NVR hopefully. Heres to hoping they sell off our loan to a more reputable mortgage company.

Our Florence!

So on to our house and the progress we have seen. Obviously since my last post many, many things have happened.

I'll mention whatever hiccups we had first then onto the more enjoyable stuff. So we had our Pre drywall meeting, with our PM which in general he seems straight forward and nice. 
-We added a few outlets throughout the house and only one was not in the correct place, so I wrote on the stud myself to remedy that which he seemed to appreciate, anyways positive  note here the first once got wired before the fix so we got two outlets instead of one! All other outlets were correct.
- When the plumbers place your plumbing they cut many chases and….well they split a few pieces, if the piece was not load bearing there was much willingness to fix these splits, which kind of disappointed me, and any misses by the framers, I got the answer that the drywallers would just cut those nails, again kind of disappointed. The doorway to our bedroom which was double framed (2 2x4s) one of the 2x4s was split, our PM stated he would throw a few nails into the stud so it would not shift later however the drywall went up before I was able to check. 
-I had paid for a Pipe from the basement to the attic to be capped so I could someday run low voltage wire if I wanted, this went in last minute, I never got to see it, and it dumps out right into an HVAC chase…. so its placement was/is not awesome….
-Had an issue with some of the vinyl on the windows but our PM said it will be taken care of before the house is finished, also missing a window because the one that shipped with the house was broken.

-Last gripe I have I think (Sorry I know this isn't too fun to read) I had asked if they could insulate the outside wall of the garage for my sake (it is Ohio…) and they said they normally don't do that, however if "somehow" it was done post inspection and pre drywall it would be okay….So I was told Drywall would be Friday and if thursday that extra insulation got put in it would be okay, so stopped by Thursday evening to do this AND they had drywalled the entire home…. Now I know I nor anyone else that is not a contractor is to do work in the house, but to be told one thing and then get blocked out like that seems, well like a very interesting coincidence… Oh well I digress

-So we are now into the first if not second coat of mud on the walls, mostly just pictures to follow and I will try to narrate them,
Can lights in kitchen area

lights over fireplace

front room looking into half bath

garage with footers, gravel, and floor drain looking into home

With Shingles

Looking down left side of home

HVAC piping prior to furnace also drain pipe for garage drain looking toward street

looking away from street garage is to left and you can see stairs in this pic

in master bedroom looking into walking closet ca also see full bath

in master bedroom looking at master bathroom

master bedroom looking toward front

loft area looking toward back

in loft area looking at other bedrooms

full bath upstairs

hvac in laundry room ceiling

laundry room 

morning room from kitchen